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It is not that long ago ‘mobility’ was seen as a holy grail for IT service

System Support

Networking is not just networking, any more


Knowing whether your business is getting the best out of its existing technologies


Af-it can provide solutions to maximise security in your IT infrastructure


We work closely with you and your staff to bring a project on time and on the nose

Of course everything we do supports your business, but we also have services and products that directly enhance your business. We are not just supporting your technology and your staff, we also aim to make what you do easier.


Our consulting services can look at business bottlenecks and suggest technical solutions that might help. It might be that you don’t need a new system, you simply need to upgrade it. Naturally we’d like your business afterwards, but what you get is unbiased advice as we can use any best-of-breed hardware or software solution out there.

Remote working

One trend that is providing small companies ways to save money, is allowing employees to work from home or while out of the office. While mobility – the new technical term for using the latest gadgets, tablets to i-Phones, on the move – is proving a critical success for some firms, the older trend for teleworking are growing.

Accessing the company’s computers working from home through internet cloud systems or virtual private networks (VPNs), mean better staff productivity and reduced office costs. It even gets a ‘green’ stamp of approval reducing your company’s carbon footprint.

Off-site backup and data recovery

One way to certainly keep a business supported is to keep its data safe, up-to-date and be able to have a company back on its feet after a dose of bad luck or a security breach. We can provide not only support for recovering data off your office computers when something goes wrong but also backup your office files when it suits you, to a safe off-site server. It gives security of mind.


When we find a product or a service that holds up well over time and manages to keep apace of our clients’ needs, we like to get to know more. Af-it holds numerous accreditations among those companies it works with.

We have long been a Microsoft Partner. This accreditation does not take away from our independence but brings a list of support options to our customers. We can provide a range of Microsoft solutions to our customers, if it is the right choice. In return Microsoft supports us in implementing solutions and overcoming problems.



We work in conjunction with 3CX to give you the very best and products for you and your office. We are a certified provider and also hold an advanced certification, allowing us to provide you an incredible range of options.

Business Partners

Part of Af-it’s success has been in choosing the right business partner. Whether it has been in partnering old war-horses of the computing industry, such as Microsoft, or finding new firms with new and incisive viewpoints of their sectors and world class offerings, like ZyXEL, They must be able to help us, help you.