From Server Infrastructure, Networking, Structured Cabling and Campus WiFi, to File Management, and Data Storage

Infrastructure Planning

Like everything IT hardware has a life span, but if planned correctly we can maximise this, reducing the cost of ownership, environmental impact, and energy consumption. We can plan and develop this for you, scaling the product to grow over the systems lifetime, with spare capacity to cope with unexpected demand or a sudden change of direction. Plan to cover for the required uptime, for failover and to reduce or remove single points of failure. Add in some system support to keep it running smoothly.

Server Systems

Getting the correct equipment is paramount, single server? Cluster? Virtual or physical? and the storage; do we need fast, large, tiered? we can plan and design the entire system, do we need to perform a critical function, or are we based on budget? where and when do we need access, and what functions will we provide. See the case studies to look at some real world solutions recently installed.

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Network Infrastructure

Fibre or Copper, Wireless? Speed and reliability are key – we can install manage, monitor and maintain. Physical network installation to approved standards and backed by manufacturers guarantees. Correct switches installed to provide the performance you need where you need it. From small office, to business park, campus, and beyond, we can cover it all.

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File Management and Storage – User Control

Data needs to be organised, structured and secure – getting the right information in front of the right people, quickly. Public or private, open or confidential. Centralise your storage protect it, and back it up. With remote working now in the mainstream, we may need to ensure that the documents our staff need are accessed securely, and only by them.

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Experts in

System Design

  • We will advise, design, supply and install, once the right solution has been identified.
  • We use best in class equipment, software and services.
  • Bespoke software? we will liaise with the third parties to ensure consistency.
  • Supply chain issues? We have trusted distributors, with long established relationships, to get you the right kit, when you need it.
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Network Security

  • Install fully managed firewall solutions from the top vendors.
  • Secure networks, secure data, manage staff and external access.
  • Prevent, dont cure.
  • Meet industry standards, achieve compliance.
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Data Protection

  • Protect the business against the unknown, or the unexpected. We can prepare and provide your Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery strategy.
  • Clean the environment – we use advanced software products and services to ensure only the items and communications you need enter the workplace.
  • Never assume its being backed up by your provider. And never assume its in the UK – Data Protection Regulations require this. We backup to our own, owned storage.
  • Using suitable kit will give you the warranty, and peace of mind you require. No-one wants a warranty that takes 3 weeks to get your laptop back to you – they want it tomorrow – working!
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  • We provide business class connectivity across the board – and we answer the phone when you call. try it..
  • Broadband, Fixed line (for a while), FTTC, FTTP, DIA, we can provide best in class, or best available at a competitive rate.
  • Short term contracts – no problem, event connectivity? We understand the requirements for a modern business and that things move, fast. we can connect you for a few weeks, without a contract that lasts months or years.
  • Staff on the road or at home need connecting to the office, quickly and securely. We can cover it and have it all in one place, and under control.
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Modern Communication

  • 18 years on VoIP gives us the experience we need to sort your telephony.
  • Choose handsets, choose system, choose billing model that suits you, choose not to have a never-ending, support and maintenance contract that is 5 times more expensive that the system was in the first place.
  • Own the kit, it lasts for years and years, why replace it every few years in this world we need to think of more that just the function. Our way is greener, and more sustainable.
  • Get what you were promised, if we say it will work, it will. If your plan wont work, we’ll tell you!
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  • When you call, we answer the phone. If you want technical, you get through to technical, not reception.
  • We monitor and manage – reports come to us, not you. (Unless you want them obviously) We proactively act on the issue, hopefully before you are aware it exists.
  • End user support – remotely to the desktop – irrespective of location. Goes without saying really.
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