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Careers at AF-IT

We don't currently have any positions available but we are a growing so we are always on the lookout for people who are passionate about the same things we are.

We know the significance of having the right employees and believe that technically experienced and professionally practiced people best serve our clients.

Upload you're CV if you're passionate about service delivery, serious about progressing your career and you have the ambition and determination to help AF-IT achieve its striving growth plans.


When we find a product or a service that holds up well over time and manages to keep apace of our clients’ needs, we like to get to know more. Af-it holds numerous accreditations among those companies it works with.

We have long been a Microsoft Partner. This accreditation does not take away from our independence but brings a list of support options to our customers. We can provide a range of Microsoft solutions to our customers, if it is the right choice. In return Microsoft supports us in implementing solutions and overcoming problems.



We work in conjunction with 3CX to give you the very best and products for you and your office. We are a certified provider and also hold an advanced certification, allowing us to provide you an incredible range of options.

Business Partners

Part of Af-it’s success has been in choosing the right business partner. Whether it has been in partnering old war-horses of the computing industry, such as Microsoft, or finding new firms with new and incisive viewpoints of their sectors and world class offerings, like ZyXEL, They must be able to help us, help you.