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Knowing whether your business is getting the best out of its existing technologies or whether your business could do better with a new way of working is one of those Donald Rumsfeld moments: what are those unknown unknowns – the things we do not know, we don’t know?

That is where our consultancy business can come in. Apart from success in our own sector we have also partnered fast-moving businesses here in the south-west and elsewhere and that experience allows us to help you.

We can look at how you are running your current business and flag opportunities for efficiencies or cost-savings in the kit you already have, or alert you to a whole new technological world out there. We can make sure you don’t miss that critical business order, just because you are not in the office or make sure you can keep an eye on your premises, even if you’re out of the country.

We work closely with you and your staff to bring a project on time and on the nose.

You might not have thought of how to carry on your business should your premises get burnt down, our business continuity examination can highlight weaknesses yet provide affordable solutions.