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Af-it can provide hardware and software based solutions to maximise security in your IT infrastructure.

We can be monitor and service your systems remotely to ensure maximum efficiency.


For modern systems with a continuous connection to the outside world, a firewall is essential to minimise the threat from intruders. af-it can provide any level of protection from a properly configured and monitored operating system to an enteprise-class hardware solution.


Our expertise and experience means you can rely on us to install and maintain the ideal solution for your system – maximised security, minimised overhead. Relax and get on with your work on a fast machine or network, free from malicious software but also uncompromised by intrusive antivirus software.

Content Filtering

Comprehensive email threat protection and internet content security.

Af-it can call upon years of experience to specify and install hardware and software based systems. Protect your network from a wide range of Internet threats, such as viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware, email-based fraud attempts and illicit or unproductive Web content.

Increase employee productivity, optimise network utilisation and mitigate any legal liability from improper use.